Our Fav Fashion Icons Of The 2000's

Our Fav Fashion Icons Of The 2000's - Boujee Beauty

Some Of Our Favs From The 2000's <3

        The start of the new millennium hosted a new wave of fashion. The 2000's was filled with plenty of trendsetters and icons from low rise jeans, crazy highlights, and other unique clothing. The 2000's is a very nostalgic time from life in general, fashion, and music. Here are our some favorite fashion icons.


The Singer, The actress, the Icon.

They say Aaliyah was always ahead of her time. She debuted a tom boy yet girly style and always changed up her looks. One of her signature styles would be baggy pants, hot sneakers, and a flirty crop top. Aaliyah will forever be a timeless icon wether it be regarding her authentic and unique voice, or her daring fashion style. We still see her influence to this day!  

Kimora Lee Simmons

Iconic brand, Iconic woman, Iconic legacy.

Kimora grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri and started modeling for major designer brands at only 14 years old. She was one of the first models who didn't fit the "mold" of high fashion models and later stunned the world when she launched Baby Phat in 1999Her brand took the world by storm by being the only womans streetwear brand at the time. She gave a generation of "forgotten" women a voice and she combined her high fashion world with her Saint Louis swag. 

Paris Hilton

That's Hot.

Paris Hilton grew up in a privileged family, however, this not save her from hardships. She was a “troubled” teen so her parents later sent her to Provo Canyon School. Here she was mentally and physically abused. She spent 11 agonizing months here before breaking free and becoming the Paris we know and love today. Paris has always defied the rules. For example, her debut reality show, The Simple Life, was the first of its kind. She started a new wave of entertainment and was the very first social media influencer. 

Lil Kim


"The flower who grew from concrete"

Lil Kim was born in Queens, New York in 1974. At 8 years old, her parents separated, and Kim moved to the suburbs with her mother and brother. She went to a predominantly white school and was often teased for her complexion. She later moved in with her father due to her mothers financial issues, but she later left home at 14 years old due to her father being abusive. She did whatever she could to make ends meet, but by fate she met Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G.

The rest was history. She was one of the first female rappers to take a stand in the industry, empower women, and shock the world with her glamorous outfits and persona. When you think of iconic trendsetters, there’s no way you cannot think of Lil Kim.


Feminist Icon

Christina was destined to be a star from birth. Ever since she was young, she was drawn to music such as soul and blues. Her neighborhood knew her as the "little girl with the big voice."

She later rose to fame with hit singles like "Genie In A bottle", "What A Girl Wants", & "I Turn To You.".

In 2002, she released her album "Stripped." This album was meant to introduce a new beginning of herself. She started to incorporate deeper lyrics and meanings in her music. When she was asked about her new persona she stated,

"I'm in the power position, in complete command of everything and everybody around me. To be totally balls-out like that is, for me, the measure of a true artist." 


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