How to Be Boujee on a Budget

How to Be Boujee on a Budget - Boujee Beauty

             In today's world, we always see the latest wealth, lavish lifestyles, & expensive high class fashion on social media. But lets be real here, most of us don't have supermodel or celebrity incomes. BUT, that does not mean you can't get get a similar look or replicate the style. In this blog, I will show you all resources on how to become Boujee on a Budget.

1) Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are literally my best friend. You're able to find unique & cool clothing while still having the clothing be affordable. Since so many different clothing options are there, you're able to find clothes you may have never even thought of getting. Plus, you're able to shop sustainable and help out the environment.

2) Shop & Sell your own clothing on online "Thrift Stores"

I really recommend if you want to gain some cash or some extra income, go online to sites like Mercai, Depop, Shopgoodwill, & Poshmark. You're usually able to find just what your looking for & you're also able to sell some of your own clothing!
You can usually find affordable designer items as well! So I recommend splurging on one high end item, then any outfit you wear with it will instantly look Boujee.

3) Get affordable jewelry

When you want to spice any outfit up, I recommend wearing jewelry. At Boujee Beauty, we carry many affordable & unique items. Jewelry can make any outfit look fancy or regal.

4) Dupe products

Most of the time, makeup brands & company's will have very similar formulas or manufacturers but bring up the price point just because of the brand name! Its okay to splurge on an item you really love on occasion, but don't think you need to buy something that's really expensive because of the hype. Of course, I recommend Boujee Beauty for your gloss & lash needs. We specialize in providing high quality moisturizing and hydrating oils yet still provide an affordable price. Most of the time, Brands can add style, but if you don't know how to wear it, it means nothing.

5) Know that Brands enhance fashion, not make it

Even if you have no designer items, know that you can be extremely stylish and still look like a Baddie. It's who's wearing it, not what you're wearing. At the end of the day, its good to have individuality & express YOUR personal style, rather than trying to fit in. Plus, a lot of high designer brands have been exposed for being racist or not truly caring about their customers. That's why I recommend doing your research on brands before shopping and shop indie brands or small brands. Why support a business that doesn't care about you, while you could support a person trying to support their family? 

In conclusion, nothing is at it seems on social media. Don't get caught into feeling like you can't look stylish or trendy while having a budget. The trick to being the baddest bitch is to express your individual style and to be different! Confidence is EVERYTHING! I hope you babes enjoyed this article! XOXO Monica

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