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  • Become an Boujee Beauty Brand Ambassador!

    Have you ever wanted to be apart of the Boujee Beauty team and become an influencer for us? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you.💕 By sin...
  • Our Carbon FootPrint

    At Boujee Beauty we neutralize 100% of our shipping emissions.  We calculate exactly how much carbon is produced per order & from there, we pa...
  • #BLM - Poem by Niah Ester

    Y’all got us effed up
    Y’all hide behind a badge
    Hide behind a gat
    But without them 2 things y’all ain’t cut like that
  • Our Fav Fashion Icons Of The 2000's

    Some Of Our Favs From The 2000's <3         The start of the new millennium hosted a new wave of fashion. The 2000's was filled with plenty of t...
  • The Art of being Unbothered

    We all can remember a time in our lives when we heard of something someone said about us, wether it be a rumor or something else that’s just plain ...
  • How to stop caring what others think

     At the end of the day, It’s you against the world. Why waste your precious life on pleasing others? Life is so short so don’t live it up to someone else’s expectations. Why play fair in an unfair world. Do whatever sets your soul on fire, and follow it!
  • How To be Confident

    In this article, I will be telling how to have confidence, even if you are insecure or feel worthless. Because trust me, you are NOT.  In middle sc...
  • Here For You- A Suicide Awareness Post- By Layla Rose

    Here For You- Written by Layla Rose

                     In this blog post I will be talking about the suicide epidemic in my youth. I want to talk about this because over the past three years of my life I have struggled with depression and anxiety. 

  • How to Be Boujee on a Budget

                 In today's world, we always see the latest wealth, lavish lifestyles, & expensive high class fashion on social media. But lets be ...