Become an Boujee Beauty Brand Ambassador!

Become an Boujee Beauty Brand Ambassador! - Boujee Beauty

Have you ever wanted to be apart of the Boujee Beauty team and become an influencer for us?

If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you.💕

By singing up to out brand ambassador program, you will be able to create your own discount code for 10% off. 

You may share your code with your followers or friends.

You can add your custom link to your social media, post photos of you wearing our products, or even just share our photos to your story!

You can even make your own personalized page to share your fav products!

You will receive 10% commission on all orders made with your code.

Link your paypal and get paid every month!

You may also choose to receive your commission in a form of a gift card or store credit.

Sign up here⬇️

4 comentarios

  • Kate Kaiser

    I would love to be a model/ brand ambassador

  • Audrey

    use code AUDREY for 10% off:) <3

  • Xenchuli

    I’m an up coming music artist and I Love the style and things in this store🔥

  • Velencia Frazer

    Hey I’d love to be apart of the team 💞

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