#BLM - Poem by Niah Ester

#BLM - Poem by Niah Ester - Boujee Beauty

Y’all got us effed up
Y’all hide behind a badge
Hide behind a gat
But without them 2 things y’all ain’t cut like that
I hope they taint your name
I hope you drown in shame
I hope you rot in jail because you're the one to blame
George Floyd
Because y’all effed with us before and we tried peacefully
Y’all messed with George...now you gone get the knee
We’ve had enough
Lynching my people publicly
If people die...people die
But i’ll be danged if it’s my people and me
Now what’s it gone be
Give us justice willingly
Or not
Just know we gone ain’t be the only people that bleed
No justice, No m**** peace!

- Niah Ester -

Heartbreaking yet powerful speech:

A speech on police brutality delivered by a young girl much wiser than her years. (Zianna Oliphant) 



Link of Resources including petitions, protests, and more:



LEAA Law Enforcement Accountability Act

Justice For Joāo Pedro

Justice For Jamarion Robinson

Abolish Prison Labor


 In Purpose Educational Service:

In Purpose Educational Services is the non-profit 501(c)3 arm of In Purpose Educational Associates.  They provide student advocacy services on a sliding fee scale, community outreach and learning opportunities, and events aimed at bringing people together as often as possible.  The work that they do helps to bring connection in areas where people have tended to be divided academically, socioeconomically, geographically, and culturally.


 My Black Friend Says: (Book on how to become an ally)


The Innocence Project:

The Innocence Project exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices.


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