At Boujee Beauty, we know how important wildlife and animals are to the world. Thats why today we will be spreading awareness of what is currently going on in the arctic.

The arctic is home to indigenous cultures, animals, and beautiful nature. Recently, this area has been under attack due to the federal administration.

“The federal administration is likely to move forward with energy exploration lease sales in the Arctic Refuge this year. This act will forever change the beauty and diversity of the landscape, and alter the lifestyles of the people who call the Arctic Refuge home.”

The arctic is warming at a rate almost TWICE the global average. Animals in the arctic rely on the climate, sea-ice, and their unique ecosystem to survive. By drilling in the arctic, carbon dioxide will be released causing a domino affect with global warming, releasing and accelerating the negative effects. This will cause a collapse on the population of arctic animals and native populations who rely on the eco system to survive. Eventually causing the Arctic animal population to be decimated in the wild. 

We urge you to help protect our Mother Earth, and all the precious cultures and wildlife on it. We can make a change together. Please share, sign a petition, and mail your representatives. 



Information regarding climate change & the arctic:



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