Here For You- A Suicide Awareness Post- By Layla Rose

Here For You- A Suicide Awareness Post- By Layla Rose - Boujee Beauty

Here For You- Written by Layla Rose

                 In this blog post I will be talking about the suicide epidemic in my youth. I want to talk about this because over the past three years of my life I have struggled with depression and anxiety. My goal while making this is to help other teens learn to cope and ground yourself while going through this. In 2017 over 6,000 teens from ages 15-24 passed away from suicide. That makes suicide the second leading cause of death in 2017 for teens. I feel as if we don't speak about things like this because people don't want to realize how messed up society is, so if nobody else will talk about it I will.

      In the beginning of my mental health journey it started with one bad thing happening, it threw me into a flunk. I didn't have my happy energy, I didn't want to get out of bed, and I started gaining weight. I could keep the list going but to some it up , I was lost. I silently struggled for about a year before telling anyone about how I was feeling. The first person I told was my mom because she was questioning my attitude. I let it all out and we talked about getting me help. I refused in the beginning, but I finally came around. Talking about it made coping so much easier because I didn't have to hold it in anymore and I was telling someone I could trust. The best first step to overcoming depression is to talk to one person; talk to someone you can trust and get along with, maybe a friend, teacher/counselor, or a family member. They also say to ask someone to check on you regularly. I personally think these are good things to positively overcome a depression stage because it helps reform bonds that may have been lost throughout time. You never know, maybe the person you like to talk to has something they’re going through and you guys could help each other together. I also think it is good to try to better yourself by changing the things you personally don't like about yourself to help motivate you.

      When I started to overcome my depression I started going to public school again, started working out more often, and I started a skin care routine. Even while working on overcoming your depression you will still have bad days. They say that “Approximately 20% of teens are diagnosed with depression.” Think, if 20% of teens have depression that is only the cases that have been diagnosed. Many teens suffer from depression and other mental illnesses in the dark and go without treatment. So honestly there could be way more cases than we know about. If you believe you have depression please speak to a counselor or family  member so they can get you the professional help you need. Coming towards the end of this I wanted to talk about a couple personal tips from my life. I am not a professional and everyone is different, so this may not work for everyone. Ground yourself; this is like a game to me, if you are having an anxiety attack or need to calm yourself down look around you and use your five senses. Find five things you can see , feel , taste , hear, and smell. This helped me so much, I can't stress it enough. This made me feel more in control of my body whenever I was having an anxiety attack. Having control over your feelings really helps it puts you in a good mental state. Coming to the end of this makes me wish I could change the world with this. Maybe I will , or maybe I won't, but I will never give up on my mission to normalize mental health disorders. 

Layla Baker


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