How to stop caring what others think

How to stop caring what others think - Boujee Beauty

           I remember a time in my life when I followed the crowd and ignored what truly made me happy just to be accepted. I was afraid of the making people around me disappointed but at the end of the day who’s there? It’s just you. You were one of the million sperms who actually won so why waste your life on doing something mediocre? Why waste your life doing stuff to please other people? Why do something to make someone else proud when one day they won’t be their? That’s what inspired this blog post.

Find Your Purpose

What makes you happy? Is it a love for animals? A love for helping people in need? A love for sports? Whatever it is, keep doing it. When you get an occupation focus your energy on finding something actually worthwhile that you love. Energy over everything. Money is not everything. Would you rather do something you love being happy than doing something you hate? Experience also always is worth more than money.

Become What You Wanna Attract

It’s amazing how God & the universe work. When I started living my best life and letting all of the negative people go, is when I became closer to the genuine people in my life and became connected to like minded people.

For example, when I started making music and taking steps to a positive direction I met so many wonderful people who were on the same mission as me.

It’s very important to watch the company you keep as they can make you or break you. If someone constantly stresses you out or cuts you down, CUT THEM OFF. It’s about to be a new decade and we have no time for toxic energy!

Live Alone, Die Alone

I stopped living to impress others when I realized what anybody thinks has little to nothing to do with me. Everyone is going to have a perception of you regardless. What someone’s perception of you most of the time is just a reflection of their own personal experiences. You will never make some people happy. So why put your happiness in the hands in others? Focus on your goals and what makes you happy.


Realize that you are in control of your emotions

Other people may do things to you but you 100% are in control to how you react. What they did may be rude or mean but when you don’t react you’re not giving them power. Not everything deserves a response nor deserves to be addressed. Arguing with people is especially a waste of time. Most of the time they won’t even see where you’re coming from. That’s why I let people think what they want. I especially don’t trip because when I would say mean things about someone it was when I was deeply insecure.

     At the end of the day, It’s you against the world. Why waste your precious life on pleasing others? Life is so short so don’t live it up to someone else’s expectations. Why play fair in an unfair world. Do whatever sets your soul on fire, and follow it!

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  • Olivia

    Amazing article and writing skills. :)

  • Michelle

    Loved this article so much girly!! ❤️❤️

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