Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Boujee.

Monica McCarthy is a young entrepreneur, influencer, & musician.

Since she was young she always had the vision to create something bigger than herself.

She had a vision of starting a makeup company to inspire and include all women.

She wanted to inspire girls like her to become fearless and unapologetic about their dreams.

”I was sick of playing by the rules. Why play fair in an unfair rule? Why not follow my dreams when people are gonna talk regardless?”-Monica McCarthy

She decided to turn her pain into power and launched & created Boujee Beauty in May 2019.

Since launching, we've had hundreds of wonderful and beautiful customers. Nothing make's us happier than hearing the story's of our customers feeling empowered after reading our blogs or applying the perfect lip shade.

Everyone has a different story, and with Boujee Beauty, Monica wants you to embrace your inner passion and follow your higher self.

One step at a time, we can all achieve our dreams and our higher potential. 

The sky isn't even the limit, be Bold, be Fearless, be Boujee.