About Us


An abbreviation of the French " bourgeois." A critical term used to describe people, things, and places that are definitively high-class.


We're Boujee Beauty. We were created from the idea of taking pain and turning it into Power. We all have a story or an experience that hurts us, however we believe you have the power to turn that page in the book of your life, and create the life you desire for yourself. We aim to inspire young women to unleash their inner power and be the bad bitch they truly are. We're here to break the stigma and let girls know it's okay to not play by the rules, and to take the world by storm. We were created in 2019 and have since amassed over thousands of Boujee Babes from all over the world. We're the brand taking over your Instagram, TikTok, and Pintrest feed with our Boujee and Y2K aesthetic. This is only the beginning, and we're looking forward to the continued success of the Boujee Beauty reign.


We design our products and pieces in house. Our products are designed with the idea of making our babes feel like that bitch. We're obsessed with carrying unique and one of a kind products you can't find anywhere else. We're inspired by the world we live in and want our babes to feel the same way too. From the way diamonds shine in the sun, the way soft velour feels on skin, and from the confidence you feel after applying your favorite lipgloss, we're here for the details and the joys of fashion. We're never motivated by money but rather by creating mesmerizing products.


The woman behind Boujee Beauty is Monica Mink. She started Boujee Beauty with just $150. The $100 was won from a Washington University Pitch Contest and $50 was from her piggy bank. This combined with a passion for entrepreneurship and inspiring others, created Boujee Beauty as we know it today. Our humble beginnings hope to inspire every woman to know they can achieve anything they put their mind to. 


Every girl has a spark running through her veins, and at Boujee Beauty we want her to feel that. Boujee Babes are the heart and soul of this brand. Our customers are our number one priority and we hope to inspire them with confidence to rule the world. EVERY woman deserves to feel like the powerful being they are regardless of body type, race, or income level. Feeling empowered isn't about how much money you spend, who you know, or even what you look like. It's about the feeling from within.